Every year the Salem Harbor Station is responsible for:

20 Deaths

36 Heart Attacks

310 Asthma Attacks

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What you need to know about coal and the Salem Harbor Station

The Salem Harbor coal-fired power plant has been operating since 1951.1 For 60 years, the plant has been a major source of air pollution and toxic coal ash. It has contributed to hundreds of premature deaths, heart attacks, and asthma attacks for years. However, a new day has dawned in Salem.

As a result of communities throughout the North Shore and across Massachusetts standing up for their fundamental right to breathe clean air, the Salem Harbor Coal Plant will be ceasing all operations by 2014.2 The struggle against this plant represents years of hard work by local activists, organizations, and political leaders. The closure of this coal plant is a victory for our health and the health of our children, and it would not have been possible without communities coming together to take control of their future. The community of Salem is a shining example for other communities around the country of how determined activism can create real change. Click here to find out more about this plant...

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Governor of MA: Shut Down Brayton Point and Mt Tom coal plants close by 2020.

Tell Governor Patrick to do everything in his power to make sure that the Brayton Point and Mt Tom coal plants close by 2020.